Mouse Anti-BosR Monoclonal Antibody

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Anti-BosR antibody

The Anti-BosR antibody specifically reacts with BosR (BB0647) of Borrelia burgdorferi. The purified anti-BosR monoclonal antibody is suitable for western blot analysis and ELISA procedures.

ApplicationWestern blot, ELISA
Product TypeMonoclonal antibody
ImmunogenBosR (BB0647) protein
Host SpeciesMouse
ReactivityB. burgdorferi BosR (BB0647) protein
FormatPurified, unconjugated, in PBS buffer
StorageStore at 4 C or - 20 C for long term
Intended UseFor Research Use Only

The BosR (BB0647) plays a key role through B. burgdorferi life cycle, acting as a molecular switch to contol the gene expression. The antibody is purified from ascites or cell culture supernatant of the hybridoma clone 2F9-D2. The hybridoma line was created by cell-fusion between BosR-immunized balb/c mouse's spleen cells and mouse myeloma cells. The ELISA and Western blot analysis have shown the antibody spefically binds to BosR (BB0647) protein with high affinity. It can be used to detect the BosR protein in immunoassay procedures.

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