Secondary Antibodies

Goat Anti-rabbit IgG (H+L), HRP-conjugated

The HRP conjugated secondary antibody is suitable for Western blot, ELISA and other assays.

Goat Anti-mouse IgG (H+L), HRP-conjugated

HRP conjugated anti-mouse IgG secondary antibody is intended for Western Blot, ELISA detections.

Goat Anti-human IgG (H+L), HRP-conjugated

This HRP conjugate detects human IgG antibodies, and is suitable for Western Blot, ELISA and other immunoassays.

Mouse Anti-human IgG Fc

This anti-IgG antibody specifically detects the Fc region of human IgG antibodies.

Mouse Anti-Biotin

Biotin monoclonal antibody detects biotinylated antibodies or proteins.

Mouse Anti-Digoxigenin

The antibody detects digoxigenin labeled probes. It can be used for detection of DIG-labeled DNA/RNA.

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