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Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies include antibodies for human IgG, IgA, IgE, biotin, digoxigenin, etc.

Secondary Antibodies

Highly specific secondary antibodies, conjugated with HRP and unconjugated, immunoaffinity purified.

ELISA Reagents

Ready-to-use reagents for ELISA, for human, mouse, rabbit IgG antibodies.

IHC Reagents

Ready-to-use Poly-HRP detection reagents, anti-mouse, anti-rabbit for immunohistochemistry.

Peroxidase Substrates

TMB for ELISA, DAB for immunohistochemistry and enhanced chemiluminescence reagent for Western Blotting.

Custom Antibody Production

The service includes rabbit polyclonal antibody production, mouse monoclonal antibody production and more...

Antibody Purification Contract Service

A variety of methods are offered for antibody purification, including protein A, immunoaffinity, ion-exchange based approches, etc.

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